Otoscopic Exam

What To Expect from your Free Hearing Test:

Alpha Hearing gladly offers free hearing tests. Here’s what you can expect during your appointment. When you arrive at Alpha, our Patient Care Coordinator will greet you and provide you with a survey to complete concerning your medical history.

The Surgeon General has recommended having a hearing evaluation as part of your regular healthcare.  The evaluation is easy and consists of the following:

Otoscopic Examination

We will inspect your ear canal with our video ear camera. You can watch the TV screen and we will explain what you’re seeing while we perform a complete visual evaluation of your ear canal and ear drum. We will be able to see if your ear canal is being blocked by wax or another obtrusive element that can be affecting your hearing.

Speech Understanding Assessment

We will test to see how well you are hearing conversational speech with two tests the SRT & Speech Discrimination Evaluation.  The SRT Test tells us how soft speech can be for you to still understand it. The Speech Discrimination test which tells us how well your brain is able to interpret words when presented at a level loud enough for you to hear comfortably.

Audiometric Evaluation

This involves checking to see at what loudness you hear at several primary frequencies.  We will perform both air and bone conduction to verify what type of hearing loss you may have and whether there is a possible medical condition involved.

Hear The Difference!

If you need hearing aids your audiologist or specialist will discuss your lifestyle, cosmetic concerns and budget needs to determine the best solution for you. All of our hearing devices are custom-programmed to match your hearing loss, much like eyeglasses have a custom prescription to match your vision. We will order and custom program your hearing aids for your specific needs so you can experience the difference for yourself.  All hearing aids from Alpha Hearing Centers have a 30 day no risk 100% money back guarantee. 


A Hearing Loss left untreated will only get worse.
Take control of your healthcare and Schedule a FREE Hearing Evaluation today.

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