Hearing Aid Insurance

We look into every possible benefit

One of the top questions we get is about insurance benefits. There is more available than you realize, and we are pros at finding benefits for our patients.

Alpha Hearing Centers participate with most major insurance carriers and other agencies that provide hearing aids as a part of rehabilitative programs.

We found over $1 Million in benefits for our patients last year alone. – Suzanne, Insurance Manager

There are other benefits that many people don’t think about- but we do. These include AARP, AAA, Rotary Club, Red Hat Club and more. We make it our mission to find every benefit available to our patients. Whether your provider is Humana, Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, General Motors, Retired Teachers, DARS, Workers Comp or other Georgia agencies, we are familiar with your benefits.

Committed to Better Hearing Health

It is our mission to improve hearing health. We work through all obstacles to make sure our patients don’t miss out on the most important things in life because of hearing loss.

Our insurance coordinator will work with you to answer any questions about your insurance plan or other available benefits. On your initial visit, please bring your insurance card and other insurance information, as well as a valid driver’s license or other photo identification.

Our insurance staff is knowledgeable and friendly. We are happy to assist you in filing claims with your primary insurance company, and can provide you with a coded receipt to attach to the EOB (Explanation of Benefits). Alpha also treats patients that have had hearing injuries at work, in an automobile accident, or other accident with third-party liability. Please call the office nearest you and speak to our administrator for specific details regarding these types of injuries.

Hearing Aids are Also Tax Deductible

Did you know that hearing aids are tax deductible? Read more about that here.

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