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You only live once and today will never repeat itself. Experiences today will only be memories tomorrow. Today may present an opportunity to catch up with an old friend, listen to the songs of your childhood or watch a rerun of a favorite show. Sound is a gift that makes life’s opportunities rich and worthwhile.

If you don’t have to, why would you miss out?

Hearing loss isolates you from your life and loved ones because sound is vital for communication. Not being able to hear can cause discomfort, frustration, and even embarrassment.

Take David for example. He is the pastor of a large church. One day, a member of his congregation named Sally quietly asked him to pray for her father who was hospitalized from a heart attack. Addressing the congregation he said, “Please pray for the Smith family. We share their grief in the loss of Sally’s father.” Sally was shocked and stood up shouting, “He’s not dead! He had a heart attack!” The mortified pastor was in our office the moment we opened our door on Monday morning. Thanks to Alpha, he won’t make a mistake like that again. Because of hearing loss, David missed out on critical information. You may be a lot like David. How much critical information have you been missing? It doesn’t matter if you’re retired or still working, you need to hear in order to stay connected to the world around you.

When you can’t hear well, you may pull away from the people you most want to connect with and suddenly find yourself on the outside. Sure, you may act like you hear and understand, but deep down you feel the separation. The people around you want to share their lives with you. Investing in your hearing proves just how much you love them.

Big Changes Come in Small Packages

Sound stimulates thousands of delicate receptor cells inside your inner ear that transmit life’s important information to your brain. Unfortunately, the world around you is constantly assaulting your delicate inner ear Medications, aging, loud noises – these all do damage to your hearing. Though we cannot undo the damage we have done to our inner ear, hearing aids can improve your hearing so you can participate in life again.

The modern world has given us so many things to make our lives easier, and hearing aids are no exception. Did you know that today’s digital hearing aids work better and look better than they ever have before? They are so small that people can’t even tell you’re wearing them.

Chuck is a financial advisor who was struggling to understand his clients. When he came to our office, his biggest fear was that his hearing aid would be visible and distracting.  Chuck had never heard about discreet open ear products. We matched the color of the hearing aid to Chuck’s hair so it would be almost invisible.

When Chuck arrived home that day the first thing his wife said was, “I thought you were getting hearing aids today!” Smiling, he replied, “I did, and now you don’t have to talk as loud!” She couldn’t believe it!

If you too fear that you will have to wear an unsightly piece of hardware that everyone will notice, think again. Let Alpha introduce you to a discreet solution to hearing loss.

So, Just What is a Digital Hearing Aid?

Digital hearing aids use computer technology to tailor the sound and comfort level to your individual needs. In a fraction of a second, the digital chip inside the hearing aid performs millions of complex calculations so fast you can’t even tell it has happened.

By customizing performance to your specific needs, a discreet digital hearing aid becomes the unique solution to your hearing loss.

Well, that Sounds Great,  But Which Hearing Aid Is Right For Me?

No one hearing aid is right for everyone. You are unique and so are your needs. The best hearing aid for you is the one that corrects your hearing, is comfortable to wear, provides you with the tools you need for your lifestyle and fits within your budget.

You may have to experiment with several different hearing aids to find the best fit. Patience is the key. In the end, you will be rewarded with better hearing, and a greatly improved life.

Searching for a Solution for a Loved One

At Alpha Hearing Aids, we believe that better hearing is a family affair. When one member of your family is suffering from hearing loss - everyone in the family suffers.   Whether you are looking for a hearing aid for yourself or you are shopping for a loved one, we will do everything we can to help you find the right hearing aid.

Barbara’s 89-year-old mother, Pat, was having trouble hearing. Pat was no longer able to care for herself and had recently moved in with Barbara. Because of Pat’s age, dexterity and lifestyle, our audiologist recommended a pair of entry-level digital hearing aids that were super easy to use during a no obligation consultation. When she first put her new hearing aids on, Pat’s eyes lit up! 

Pat is grateful to be part of the family again. She is actually getting to know her two granddaughters now – before she couldn’t hear them.

For five years now, Barbara and her family have been sharing their life with her mother. Barbara told us that she is so thankful for what we did for her mom.

Have you or your loved ones been missing out on living life to the fullest because of hearing loss?  Don’t let hearing loss affect you for one more day - call us today (770) 491-3900.

Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing aids come in a variety of styles. At Alpha, our hearing care professionals can help you choose the hearing aid style that is best for you and your lifestyle.

Invisible Hearing Aid

Invisible In The Canal


IIC Hearing aids are recent innovations to the hearing aid market and are 100% totally invisible.  They fit deep into your ear canal and are a perfect solution for anyone looking for the most discreet hearing option.  The battery used in IICs is very small and requires good manual dexterity.

CIC Hearing Aid



The CIC is a tiny custom-fit hearing aid and is very discreet. The small, custom-made shell fits into the ear canal works well with the telephone without whistling. The battery used in a CIC is very small and requires good manual dexterity. The CIC hearing aid is inappropriate for severe hearing losses and can be very difficult to fit correctly to your ear. Your Alpha hearing professional will do what is necessary to ensure your hearing aids fit comfortably and discreetly.

ITC Hearing Aid



The ITC hearing aids fit into the ear canal with a portion that also sits in the bowl of your ear. Canal hearing aids use a larger battery than the CIC style, which will last longer and is easier to handle. This style is used for mild to severe hearing losses. Because of the larger size, ITC hearing aids can have more features such as directional microphones and telephone amplifiers. ITC hearing aids are also slightly less susceptible to wax problems.

Full Shell Hearing Aid



Full Shell  hearing aids fill the whole bowl of your ear and are also known as In The Ear (ITE). Due to their larger size, Full Shells can accommodate the most power available for in the ear hearing aids. FSs can have a larger battery as well as all of the features available in the other styles.

Receiver In Canal (RIC) Hearing Aid

Receiver In Canal


RIC Hearing Aids are a recent development and use a wire to connect the receiver (speaker) to the hearing aid and deliver the sound into your ear. They can be used on moderate to severe hearing losses, instead of a larger BTE hearing aid. Now people that need a lot of power can wear a discreet, RIC hearing aid. We offer RIC hearing aids in a variety of colors to blend into your hair to conceal them even further.

Behind The Ear (BTE) Hearing Aid

Behind The Ear


The main part of the hearing aid fits behind the ear. They are best suited for people that have severe hearing losses. People that are prone to getting ear infections, have had surgery, or produce excessive earwax are also good candidates for BTE hearing aids. Wax is less of an issue for BTE hearing aids, but moisture can be more of a concern because they are located in the hairline behind the ear where you tend to perspire.

One Hearing Aid or Two?

Whether you should wear one or two hearing aids depends on your hearing loss. Your brain uses both ears to not only understand speech, but also to know where you are in a room in relation to the sounds around you. This is what enables us to hear and understand in noise.

When your ears are not working together, it can be difficult to locate sound and understand in noise. This can worsen when you only wear one hearing aid and need two, because most of the sound is heard through only one ear. Your hearing was designed to work best with both ears working together.

Sometimes, a patient will purchase only one hearing aid even though they have hearing loss in both ears. Maybe they felt they could afford only one hearing aid, intending to add another one later, but never did.

What the patient doesn’t know is that failing to meet the hearing needs of both ears can cause auditory deprivation. This means that the ear can no longer understand speech as well, even with a hearing aid.

Studies show that wearing hearing aids will dramatically slow the deterioration of hearing. There is no way to predict whether auditory deprivation will happen to you. At Alpha, we would prefer to see you purchase an affordable and optimal hearing aid solution from the beginning.

The Price is Right

The most common reason people give for not buying hearing aids they really need is the high cost. A better question for the patient might be, “How much is your hearing loss costing you?”

According to Dr. Sergei Kochkin of the Better Hearing Institute, wearing a hearing aid can increase your salary by up to $12,000. Dr. Kochkin found that people with hearing loss that do not use hearing aids lose twice as much income as those who have hearing loss and wear hearing aids. Rather than a burdensome expenditure, purchasing a hearing aid can be a valuable investment.

Ray has spent his life studying the stock market and now serves on the board of a local bank. Unfortunately, his hearing loss had so deteriorated that he could no longer follow the conversation at the board meetings for the bank. Ray finally told the president he could no longer serve on the board because he felt he could no longer make a contribution. The president suggested he contact our offices to be fitted with digital hearing aids. Two years later, Ray is still proudly serving on the bank’s board.

Even if you’re retired, the benefits to your health and relationships make hearing aids a priceless purchase.

How Can I Invest in My Hearing and Begin Living Again?

At Alpha, we have the best technology at the lowest prices with 35 years of hearing aid experience and unparalleled service. (And we are Audiologist owned and operated!) Unlike other hearing aid providers, we work directly with patients so that we don’t lose touch with what matters most – helping you hear.

We know how big this decision is—we’ve devoted our lives to it. So, we want to help you make an informed decision. When you call or email, you will be assigned a personal, experienced consultant to discuss your needs. We then will carefully evaluate your hearing loss, help you choose the right hearing aids, take measurements of your ear shapes, and order your hearing aids. Though your hearing aids will usually arrive in less than two weeks, if you need to place a rush order, we will try to accommodate you.

You don’t want to miss another precious word, so call Alpha today. Let us get you started on the path to a richer, fuller life. You can be sure that Alpha will help you find the right hearing aid at the right price. You only live once. Hear it right.

We're Here to Help You Hear.

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