Hearing – Self Evaluation

As you age, your vision and hearing both give signs that things are changing. When your vision begins to slip, you notice that reading becomes difficult without glasses, or in certain situations you can’t see as well as you once did. Your hearing is similar, yet the signs happen gradually over several years…. so gradually that you may not notice them. A hearing self evaluation is your first step in understanding where you stand.

This hearing self evaluation is an excellent way to find out if you may have a hearing problem.

Do you hear sound OK, but have trouble understanding key words in a conversation?
Would your spouse say that you ask others to repeat themselves?
Do you have trouble hearing at church, at the movies, at restaurants, or in public gatherings?
I don’t hear well because other people mumble, don’t enunciate clearly enough or talk too softly for me to hear.
Would your spouse, kids or grandkids say that you turn the volume up too loud on the TV?
Do you hear a continual hissing or ringing in your ears? (A condition called tinnitus many times accompanies hearing loss.)
If I’m left alone in a conversation, I don’t understand or trust what I hear.
I just can’t seem to assert myself the way I used to (or as others do) since I’ve lost my ability to hear well.
I don’t mingle with as many people (old and/or new acquaintances) as much as I used to because I don’t hear well.
If I don’t want to hear what someone says the first time, I’ll remain quiet; it’s a waste of time trying to hear what I can’t.
Since I’ve had this hearing loss, I can’t do all the things I’d like to do.
People don’t dare to make jokes about hearing trouble in my presence.
Do you have more trouble hearing children or women’s voices?
Would your friends or coworkers say they have noticed that you have a hearing problem?
Do you sometimes not attend social events because you may not be able to understand someone?
I don’t mind asking people to repeat themselves if I didn’t hear it.
I feel completely at ease communicating with anyone in most environments even though I don’t hear well.
I have humorous things happen to me as a result of not hearing well.
People think I’m not as sharp as I used to be because I don’t hear as well as I once did.