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Since 1985 when our first Alpha Hearing Aid Center was opened in Tucker, Georgia, we’ve been passionate about improving our neighbors’ lives through better hearing. We believe this can only be accomplished by the special interest our staff takes in each patient. “We’re not just a diagnostic center that fits and dispenses custom digital hearing aids,” says Dr. Kelly Calkins, president. “Our desire is to earn your trust so that your hearing problem becomes our hearing problem. Our approach sets us apart. All of the clinical expertise in the world doesn’t mean much without that.”  The company’s commitment to staying on the leading edge of hearing technology impacts each clinician’s treatment and the results they achieve for their patients. Training and continuing education are also the keys to maintaining staff excellence.

State of the Art Technology

Straightforward communication with patients and family members at each visit instill confidence as hearing progress is being made. State of the art technology such as Dataloging allows the staff to better know how to adjust the hearing device.  Alpha hearing aids are provided by many major manufacturers including Audibel, Starkey Hearing Laboratories, Micro-Tech, Oticon, Siemens, Signia, Widex, Phonak, GN ReSound, Rexton, SeboTek, Audina, Unitron, and several more. This means access to clear, trouble-free sound for the best Ears of Your Life!

Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing Testing & Evauation

The road to good hearing starts with a precise hearing evaluation by a hearing specialist in a sound proof room.  We offer FREE testing at our locations.


Custom Earmold & Hearing Protection

We specialize in custom products and can make a wide variety of earmolds for hearing aids, for pilots, police officer walkie talkies, military, musicians, bluetooth systems, and earphones.  We also make hearing enhancement & protection for hunters.

New Hearing Aid Options

We carry every major manufacturer of hearing devices on the market and thus the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art technology available today.  We carry every brand because you are unique and your hearing needs are just as unique - you deserve the best!

Cerumin Removal

Sometimes a hearing loss is just due to a natural build-up of earwax!  Let us remove it for you!

All Make Hearing Aid Service & Repair

We offer a 10-point hearing aid service and inspection and can repair any make hearing aid available today.

Musicians Earplugs & In-Ear Monitors

If you are a musician you need to protect your hearing.  Many times during "Jam Sessions" or on stage decibel levels can exceed dangerous levels.   Cheap silicone or foam earplugs bend the pitch of music down into a different register.  Musician Earplugs are designed to protect your ears from loud sounds while retaining the pitch.  In Ear Monitors plug into the sound system and provide a direct & custom monitor in your ear delivering the most robust and crisp sound on the market today.


A Hearing Loss is not something you want to ignore.
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